Style Me Now



My self confidence is through the roof and I even get compliments from retail sales people now. Thank you so much for your help and for helping me like shopping/dressing up again!

Val F – Software Developer

Thank you again for your time and expertise this weekend. It really helped me! 

Rosanne F – Health Scientist 

Thank you again for such a wonderful shopping experience.  It was everything and more that I could have asked for!!  I just love everything I bought and as you know, some of the items I would not have even tried on without your encouragement. I felt so perky and alive (...) and I just earned myself a new website contract!  Look out 2009, here I come!!!

Sandra B – Website Developer

I don't have the words to express just how grateful I am or how wonderful the whole experience was for me. It was simply the absolute best shopping experience I have ever had. I still can't believe you found so much that fit me perfectly.... AND, I found TWO pairs of jeans...that not only fit but make me actually like my butt! It was a leap of faith that I will never regret. I'm never going shopping without you ever again. Never.

Gina C – Nurse and Triathlete

I liked Cecile’s professional methodology while doing the style assessment and closet audit. I really wanted to avoid hiring an over-the-top fashion celebrity stylist type gal, so I mostly appreciated her realistic and no-nonsense approach. After working with Cecile, I feel more confident with my personal image in general. We mostly concentrated on my professional wardrobe but I also enjoyed her guidance while shopping for weekend style clothing. 
Scott O - Sales Associate

I had issues with finding garments that would fit both my figure AND style personality. Cecile helped me identify my body type, the style of clothing I should look for and most importantly the ones I should avoid. She is reliable, flexible and talks straight. I trust her judgment completely and love her French accent! 
Marcia B – Marketing Manager

I loved working with Cecile. Her consulting style is down-to-earth and she does not beat around the bush. I used to feel desperate about my wardrobe, but Cecile helped me create a versatile one that fits my active lifestyle. The style assessment and closet audit were emotionally challenging but well worth it. I feel inspired, energized and fabulous! She is my dirty little secret. I cannot wait for our next shopping trip! 
Paula H – Architect

Everyone was so happy and you did a wonderful job at the "Dressing for Your Body Type" lunch & learn! Thank you so much!

Hailey M - Travel & Social Club Owner

I am a start-up owner and had a desire for representing myself well in front of clients. That first impression thing! I enjoyed the style assessment session as it was a self-discovery exercise that I would have never been able to achieve on my own. Cecile’s help was also critical in creating that professional look I needed without loosing my lay back style and personality.
Gerald H – Software Engineer/Owner

Working with Cecile was a rewarding experience. She truly listens to her clients and is honest and straight forward. I enjoyed her 3-step process and have to point out that she is quite a project manager! I am an active and busy professional, so I could not afford to waste time. I came away with a renewed sense of style and confidence. It helped me in my new career as well as on the social level. I will definitely reuse her for next season’s shopping update and I am hoping to go on her European shopping trip soon!
Kristy K –Director of Business Development

I was one of these people with a closet full of clothes but felt I had nothing to wear. Cecile helped me do a substantial closet purge. What an eye opening experience! On top of that, she showed me how to mix and match pieces I would have never thought of putting together. She also guided my choices when acquiring new pieces to complement my existing wardrobe. The whole process was very effective. I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning because I know I only own clothes that I love and work well for me.  I'm already planning my next shopping trip with Cecile.
Priscila F – Proposal Manager 

I have recently used Cecile's services as I was not sure how to put things together, I was lacking a style “je-ne-sais-quoi”  and did not think I had the right clothes for my body type. Generally I felt lost and confused when shopping, so Cecile’s help was priceless.  I now have clearly identified my style personality and know how to dress for my body type. She helped me purged my closet and rebuilt a wardrobe that reflects my taste, personality and that is adapted to my lifestyle. Everyone should experience her 3-step process. Totally worth it!  
Leila H - Programmer 

I have used Cecile's service for a style consultation and wardrobe audit. I was very pleased with my experience with her. A few months later I hired her to help me and my fiancée with our wedding party style. She was very helpful when it was time to pick bridesmaid dresses! She is reliable and efficient. I truly believe that she brings a great sense of style to the table.
Edouard G – Microelectronic Engineer