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When you are ready to move on with your transformation after your Style Assessment session, a Wardrobe Audit is the next step. We review what’s in your closet at your home (if you are coming from out of town, bring your wardrobe with you). This session lasts 3 hours.

We review your seasonal wardrobe by having you try your current clothes on. Keeping in mind your image goals, any misfits, tired and outdated clothes are eliminated. This is just like shopping in your closet! We take pictures of a few key outfits and provide strategic recommendations to bring your wardrobe up-to-date.

We put together a core wardrobe plan and list any missing pieces that helps complement your current wardrobe.

With this consultation, you'll walk away with a specific "merger & acquisition" clothing plan to help you complete your wardrobe and create outfits effortlessly.
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